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the return of the basement - meeting 4th february

the basement pixie | 29.01.2008 17:16 | Free Spaces

hooray! this week we will finally know the status of 24 lever street - and can plan how to resurrect an autonomous social centre in manchester - come along to a meeting 4th february to get involved

The Basement Collective may have seemed quiet of late but that's mostly because things have been going on behind the scenes at a very frustrating pace and we've been mired in a world of tenancy rights and roof repairs.

However, many people remain positive and commited to the idea of a social centre in Manchester and now, finally, this week we will know what is happening to 24 Lever Street and when / how / if we will be moving back in.

There's been lots of crazy rumours but our truth is we are meeting with the landlord this week and the meeting next week will be deciding what to do next - everything else you've heard is probably nonsense

So come along and find out the latest - and get involved in our resurrection - at a meeting next monday

When: Monday 4th February 7pm-9pm
Where: Manchester Digital Development Agency, Portland Street, Manchester
Who: anyone who wants to get involved in creating a haven away from capitalism and help Manchester rebuild it's autonomous social centre

If you can't make the meeting but want to get involved and stay informed please email

the basement pixie
- e-mail:
- Homepage:


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