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Food Not Bombs...

Luke The Duke | 26.01.2008 22:17 | Free Spaces | London

Thanks For the Dinner..

Whilst wondering around Aldage East today I came across by chance
' Food Not Bombs ' stall and kitchen providing Great Vegan food for free.

Got some food (rice,curry,fruit,veg) Hung around chatting with the group.

Well done Food not Bombs.

Today it was at the green at the end of Brick Lane cnr with Comercial rd.

Luke The Duke
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Whitechapel FNB

27.01.2008 12:31

We serve every week at the entrance to Altab Ali Park, from 2-4:30pm. Glad you had a good time.
Come by again. We cook at Rampart from 11am, and can always do with extra help.
We're currently working on our website, so check it soon for details, updates, photos...

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