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Sick of genocide? KNOW the Law; USE the Law...

JG | 25.01.2008 11:53 | Education | Repression | Social Struggles

Are YOU aware that it is illegal in the UK to pay taxes that go towards supporting genocide? Read on and ACT NOW! - pay particular attention at 03:30 in this part 4 video of the meeting explaining why Scotland Yard is now investigating the war crimes of Bliar, Goldsmith and the rest of the criminal mob that's rapidly turning the UK into a police state.

Chris Coverdale at MakeWarHistory summed it up in a nutshell. He offers everyone who still pays taxes a simple and elegant solution, using the full might of the law to act for decency and conscience.

For those who don't have youtube access, here's the crux: If you pay taxes in the UK you are helping to finance genocide and illegal wars of aggression. This is a Criminal Offence under the International Criminal Court Act 2001.

Now the solution (04:24 in the youtube clip):-

'Just organise with a local court to put your taxes into court custody and insist they decide whether it is a criminal offence or not.'

This is The Key to wiping out the NWO power base, truly.

Act now, not only to salve your conscience and act within the Law of the land but also to help stop the runaway genocide taking place in many parts of the presently greed-dominated hell hole that used to be beautiful planet Earth. And to think that these monstrous crimes are being deliberately created by just a very few psychopathic bankers...

Forget your 'movements', your well-meaning yet parochial and ineffective actions.

To repeat: This is The Key to wiping out the NWO power base. Do it now and all our children will thank us eventually rather than being continually disgusted by our almost total lack of effectiveness to stop the nightmare. Making this one small _individual_ effort will have far more effect than any number of protest marches, any number of showdowns with an out-of-control police force being financed by your apathy.

Do it now and even totally compromised and infiltrated (You know who you are, ADL-niks!) sites like IMC won't be able to stop the march towards global justice.



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Meanwhile, in the real world.

25.01.2008 14:43

Most people are on PAYE so they never actually see the tax money.

Few people are self-employed these days.


the key my arse

25.01.2008 15:00

'Forget your 'movements', your well-meaning yet parochial and ineffective actions.'

Thanks for the arrogance, I'm sure that won over thousands to your cause.

Fact is that your naive faith in the rule of law will get you nowhere.

Only way to get justice is to take direct action and physically stop the war machine.


Oh ye of little faith...!

27.01.2008 15:17

...or understanding, for that matter.

anti-lawyer sez: "Only way to get justice is to take direct action and physically stop the war machine. "

How're you doing? Don't see the Bliars, Sarkozys, Berlusconis, Olmerts, Netanyahus, Bushes, Cheneys, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Kissingers, etc ad nauseum falling for it any time soon? Potatoes up the tanks spouts? Dismantle a Trident? I gave up lying down in front of tanks as utterly futile a generation back - so yeah, great blow for freedom & justice, people. To quote a great anarchist from a bygone age "Violence from the bottom of society inevitably results in superior violence from the top"

Meanwhile the military/industrial/psychopathic combine just rolls on over the innocent, worldwide. Bloodshed and misery all round - financed by YOUR tax contributions, which as the original poster said, are just as illegal as the wars they're financing!

No arrogance was intended above, I'm fairly certain. All our movements and actions have had just one tangible result so far - a HUGE increase in the police state as a response to a heightened paranoia amongst the money-bags.

PAYE? No problem, weak excuse. Talk to your local court about PAYE - it makes no odds, you'll find.

Why not USE the system to destroy itself? Surely a far more intelligent approach to making the world a better place for all ethnic groups, IMO...

All it takes is a few hours of your time and you could sleep easier at night knowing you have contributed EFFECTIVELY towards 'the change you want to see in the world'.

STOP being WAGE-SLAVES financing that which you fight against!