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Suzanne Taylor was released today on tagging

VPSG | 24.01.2008 21:50 | SOCPA | Animal Liberation | Repression | World

In one of the sickest sentences ever handed out to animal rights activists last March 2007, Both Teresa & Suzanne have now both fortunately served considerably then less time inside than they were originally handed down a draconian judge.

In one of the sickest sentences ever handed out to animal rights activists, today Mark Taylor was sentenced to 4 years in jail for carrying out demos against companies associated with HLS. Also his wife Suzanne was sentenced to two and a half years and Teresa Portwine to 15 months.

This outrageous sentence was handed down by a draconian judge hand picked by the British Government to do a hatchet job. What a sick society we live in that this happened on the same day a a man was sentenced to 2 years in jail for killing a pensioner who asked to stop urinating against a supermarket wall. [1]


In July 2007, Trish Portwine was released on Home Detention Curfew, after serving just three months, a year less than originally given. Suzanne Taylor was released on tagging yesturday after serving 10 months, over a year and a half less than originally given,

By no means are they now "free", however they have both served considerably less in prison than they were charged with, which is great for them both.

Mark Taylor is still serving his remainding 3 years, 2 months, although he has been asked to be removed from the VPSG/ALFSG support lists (I think he was getting way too much mail and decided to concentrate on a course whilst making use of his time inside).


Mark, Suzanne and Teresa never attacked anyone, they didn't cause £1 of damage, they didn't break into any premises yet Judge Goldring sentenced them to these disgusting sentences. He sentenced both Mark and suzanne knowing full well that it would leave both their children aged 15 and 17 to fend for themselves. As a movement we will be there for all 3 prisoners and Mark and Suzanne's daughters no matter what.

Justice Goldring must be the biggest recruiting sergeant yet for the Animal Liberation Front as Joseph Harris who planned and executed nightime raids on companies associated with Huntingdon Life Sciences causing £25,000 worth of damage was only sentenced to 2 years' imprisonment under the same legislation. Bizarre or what?

History shows us that draconian unjust sentences only serve to make activists worldwide more angry. What they are trying to stop is a movement that has carried out more demos and actions against Huntingdon Life Sciences in the last 2 months than at any time in its history. [1]


The more effective we are, the more savage their response will be, so what shall we do? It is your duty to step up actions (and of course we mean legal ones) to close Huntingdon Life Sciences for the animals dying inside Huntingdon right now and for our imprisoned comrades in the UK and abroad. It only EVER finishes when those gates of Huntingdon close once and for all. We will not fail them. [1]


New A.R. Prisoners - Support Them & Take Action (SHAC) [1]

Four years for animal rights protestor (Arkangel)

SOCPA - The garrotting of commonsense and democracy continues (NETCU Watch)

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I wonder

26.01.2008 06:46

Anybody heard from her ? During her months of absence I have barely heard her mentioned, speakers on demos calling for support for Greg and Natasha, Heather and more recently Mel, not once a mention for the human mega-phone we know as Suzanne. I think she may just give the movement wide berth and in time find a new cause to support.


Nov 13, 2007

26.01.2008 14:48

Both Josephine Mayo and Suzanne Taylor have requested their details to be removed from listings in order to concentrate on their studies. They have asked to us thank everyone for the support they have given them and that it was really appreciated. VPSG will obviously continue to assist them with any problems they encounter for the rest of their sentences.

By the sounds of things, and from personally recieving letters from them, it seems prison was a piece of cake (especially doing quite a bit of a it with Teresa) and they have never been so inspired to fight for the animals...

Too much support


31.01.2008 14:48

the reason they dont want mail is because they think that if they distance themselves from animal rights they will get out of prison earlier, that view is understandable even if totally misguided as they have two kids though marks mitigation plea at his sentencing where he said that he only helps out at a local animal shelter and that he 'never plans on going on a demo again' and that the shelter he helps out at 'has done more good than a demo ever did' smacks of cowardice.


stand and be counted

11.04.2008 12:11

well i see from all youre posts your not doing jail time for the animals, theres a lot to be said for that alone.



19.04.2008 14:38

Your opinion is misguided since a 4 year sentence doesn't have an early release date, no tagging, just a release after 2 years. Doesn't matter how much arse licking you do you don't get out an earlier.

What's wrong with other activists who feel the need to insult others who have given up their freedom fighting for animals? Shame on you I say!

Peter Wilson