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DK: Ungdomshus Options Made Public

reader | 23.01.2008 21:40 | Free Spaces | London

In response to the announcement that a major civil disobedience action is under way politicians from the Copenhagen Council have made public two possible addresses for a new Ungdomshus.

Both possibilities are outside of Nørrebro and neither has been approved by a Monday meeting.

The largest and most popular option for the activists is a former school in the North West quarter of the city. It has several large buildings and a smaller one used for a gym at the moment, which would serve for a party and concert area.

The other option is quite far from Nørrebro in some halls currently used for storage.

The major hang up has so far been in bureaucracy however and the action is going ahead and will continue to do so no matter what any politician may say. The only thing that would make the action be cancelled is basically a set of keys for a house.

In North West a local citizens' group has publicly stated that they welcome a new house to the area and hope that the politicians will situate the new Ungdomshus in the school.



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23.01.2008 22:10

Very nice

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