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DK: Plan to Besiege Copenhagen City Hall

reader | 23.01.2008 21:38 | Free Spaces | World

G13 survived. Agrounded Ungdomshus-Discussions cause a new civil Disobedience-Action called "BlokR" (Word game with danish "Bloker" = engl. "to blockade"); which has the aim to get harder and more pressure to politicians.

The Ungdomshus-Movement is back with a new and large-planned action which is grounded on civil disobedience. On October 2007 the Mass-action of G13 caused the politicians to restart the discussions for a new UNGDOMSHUSET. Not long ago it was clear that even the Movement around UNGDOMSHUSET is not satisfied with the expiration of the discussions. A new house is still not there, the "1-year-anniversary" of the old houses.. eviction is coming near.

To get more pressure to the politicians, the Ungdomshuset-Movement announces "G13 Part 2" - a mass-action grounded on the principal of civil disobedience. As the name "BlokR" tells, the siege of the city hall / Copenhagen council is behind the action; which ought effect not to let the politicians out of the city hall until they have a solution for the problem - as they caused the problem a few years ago.

The Ungdomshuset-Movement cannot be put onto the "long bench"
According to the plan, the action is about to start on 21st of February, when the council will hold a new conference about a new Ungdomshus, which is the last chance to get a new house before the 1st march, the "1-year-jubilee" of the eviction, where new riots are apprehended if the parties do not have a solution until then. "We apprehend that the discussions otherwise are about to stagnate", says Lars from new press-group of "BlokR". "It..s the aim to show politicians that we are still pretty much people who fight for a new self-managed and autonomous free-space. You cannot hide us inside a communal bureaucratic document· The plan is to use the same strategy as at the G13-Action in autumn: The activists will gather in different blocks with own color. Every block has the aim to reach an entrance to the city hall to blockade". The groups chose their own level of confrontation and strategy. As on October 6th the action will be under a consensus of action which will called confrontational but not violent.

The press group announces to start active resistance if police tries to avoid or cancel the blockades. Active resistance by meaning civil disobedience means to deny the commands of police and to resist against attempts to end the blockades in to push them back and to start actions of shelter to maintenance the siege. Lars says to show politicians the back if they try to break the blockades from inside the city hall. "They will get out when they found a new house", he says.
Fight against councils.. bureaucracy, not democracy
Isn't it anti-democratic to start such an action against politicians who are voted by public? Don't you try to press your will upon them instead of waiting for a democratic process?
"We cannot and would not press somebody to something else. We only want to go a sure way that the politicians hold their promise. The action is not against the political discussions where we are part of open and democratic. The action is against bureaucracy of the state which lead into that the process stagnated so far", Lars answers.



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