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Police demo in London.

Itsme | 23.01.2008 07:01 | Repression | Social Struggles | London

Sorry this has been copied but it is important information for those who want to ensure that the law is complied with by these demonstators.


Participators will assemble between 10 and 11am on Park Lane, at the junction with Achilles Way. The March will begin at approximately 11.30am moving off past Hyde Park and along a route tacking in Victoria Street and Horseferry Road with dispersal outside the Tate Gallery in Millbank.

It is estimated that the route will take about an hour to complete; it will take approximately two hours for the last of the anticipated 15,000 marchers to reach the finishing point in Millbank.


The main rally will be held in Central Hall, Westminster, commencing at 2.30pm. Chairman Jan Berry will open the meeting, followed by speeches from police service representatives and politicians. It will last approximately 1 hour. This will be relayed into other rooms in Central Hall and across at the QEII Conference Centre next door. Both venues will collectively accommodate 3,500 people.


We are encouraging all those participating in the march, but who do not have tickets to the rally in Central Hall, to lobby their MP in the House of Commons. There could be between 7,000-10,000 policemen and women queuing outside the Palace of Westminster.

Time-line of events, throughout the day:

11.30 am: March starts led by Chairman Jan Berry.

Note: A rep from each force will branch off during the march to hand in a petition from the Downing Street website. There is no allocated time for this to happen as it will depend on what time each force is passing by the Home Office.

1:00: A delegate of six people, led by Jan Berry will present a petition to Downing Street. The first officers hoping to lobby their MP will start arriving at the Houses of Parliament.

1.30: A representative group of 56 will meet at the Clive Steps to lay wreaths and attend a service conducted by Chaplain Andrew Earl at the National Police Memorial on the corner of The Mall and Horse Guards The Mall and Horse Guards as a mark of respect to fallen colleagues.

2.30: Meeting at Central Hall

4:00: Press Conference held at the Methodist Central Hall

5.00: Jan Berry meeting with Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and Policing Minister Tony McNulty at the Home Office



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Media Bias

23.01.2008 12:47

Unlike our numerous war demo's, this police protest is receiving full television coverage with news helicopters relaying continuous ariel pictures and it is does not have a huge contingent of riot police waiting in the wings.with batons and water canon at the ready.

Perhaps the police now know how we feel, when we come out in force to oppose corrupt government policies. The police and armed forces are the last line of defence this criminal regime has, if we can keep them onside, we may get results!



23.01.2008 13:02

i'm sorry, but what the hell?

are you advertising the march so we can join in?

join in with class traitor scum who's job it is to crush our struggles?

no thanks. i'd rather die.

- Homepage:


23.01.2008 13:03

didn't read this post properly (blushes)

good luck on weds.


after last saturdays brutal attach by police on Brian Haw

23.01.2008 13:31

I am sick to death of their shaggy fucking attitude.

"It wasn't me" who knocked the shit out of you mate. I am just here to keep you busy and try and arrest you with a smile while it all goes on and we all turn a blind eye.

When the MET themselves turn on Sir Shit for using them as state sponsored bullies, thugs and political sensors, then I will refgain some respect for them.

Until then, I always valued thte good ones who work amongst the filth. I am coming to a point where I am sick to death of them all turning a blind fucking masonc eye.

Let them get on with it and make a real difference.

"Clean up and out your own filth."
That's the only thing I have to say to the MET.

Until then, the lot of em are as bad as each other, in my eyes.

I want to see some real herioc behaviour. Go arrest the goddamned war criminals and leave the peaceful people the hell alone. Mr. Met knows they won't fight back and so how big of a king size prick does that make you, Mr. Met officer, with the hairless bollocks?

Think about it ...

Action speaks louder than words and corruption does not deserve or warrant a payrise. PIss off.

Charity Sweet
mail e-mail:

it is beyond surreal

23.01.2008 17:01

the moment they start protecting the people and not corporations and institutions, then maybe they'd have a right to say something.

the main problem with the protestors who are not police protestors seems to be that, as far as the mass media coverage is concerned, is that they're rude.

unlike the police, who today had a triumphantly polite protest.

there's things to be learned from this, i am sure.

peoples republic of southwark

You what?

23.01.2008 17:33

Are you seriously trying to sukest the media is covering this and not anti war marches because they are polite?


wha? erm, no

23.01.2008 18:31

i just couldnt believe the grovelling. and that was even before i read this

peoples republic of southwark


23.01.2008 19:05

This has to be one of the most boring demos I have ever witnessed. Their few banners were just in black and white, there was no chanting, just a mostly silent two mile shuffle and no sit downs anywhere. You would have thought they would have had plenty of opportunity to learn by example by now but no. Apart from the over generous mainstream media coverage I doubt the government even noticed as the white capped dissenters ambled quietly past Parliament and Downing Street. Some amusing ribaldry was, however, directed at the white caps by megaphone from an anti-war protester camped in Parliament Square, who has frequently suffered abuse at the hands of the police in the past.