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Around the Campaigns Friday 18th January 2007

National Colaition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns | 18.01.2008 17:29 | No Border Camp 2007 | Anti-racism | Migration

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Minn Family 'Shetland Against Deportations' - 5 year battle Triumphs

Shetlanders force climbdown on Burmese woman's deportation
Shetlanders' warrior past paint a misleading picture of Britain's northernmost people. For this week they once again showed that they are among the most welcoming of communities - willing to do battle on behalf of those who choose to settle there.

Their latest victory came when a Burmese woman, Hazel Minn, and her two sons were told that they would not, after all, be deported. Ms Minn fled Burma's military regime in 2002 but was told in 2004 that her application for political asylum had been turned down.
Full story: Mark Hughes, The Independent


Jean Pierre Gueutchue back Home in Cardiff
Jean Pierre, was released from detention yesterday and is back in his community, he would like to thank all who have campaigned on his behalf.


Alexandre Sidenko,
Alexandre was forcibly removed to Moscow on Thursday morning. After cancelling his flight on Wednesday, immigration services sent Alex to Colnbrook IRC. His mobile phone was taken of him so he had no chance of talking to the outside world. Early yesterday morning (17th January 2008) Alex was removed to Moscow where he was just left up to his own devises at the airport . Although Alex is Russian he is not from Moscow and anyone who lives in Moscow should have a Moscow registration documents otherwise they have to leave Moscow as soon as it is possible.

Thanks to everyone who supported Alex during this last two weeks.

The battle to support other detainees should continue.

All the best,
Qerim Nuredini for the Campaign


Rentia Family Anti-Deportation Campaign
The hearing on Friday 11th January 2008 went well. The barrister did a sterling job advocating for Zarine. It would have made you feel very proud that there are good people out there who are prepared to do everything that is required when the chips are down.

The judge seems interested in the rarity of the condition (Fanconi Bickel Syndrome) and asked for specific evidence on the one in a million claim for the disease. This was after the barrister stressed that she could safely rule on the exceptionality of the case (which is allowed for within the immigration rules) without undermining immigration law, which she has to be mindful of.

She said she would not make a ruling today as there was so much evidence, she needed to go away and consider it. We understand that it could take up to 3 or 4 weeks to arrive at a decision.

Clearly because of all your efforts Zarine's case is known about far and wide and there is a groundswell of support for her, which the barrister was able to refer to. He stressed that over 2,000 people had signed petitions and that this indicated a sizeable amount of support for Zarine and also support for the judge arriving at a decision based on the exceptional nature of her particular circumstances. He invited the judge to reflect on the fact that a lot of people would consider a judgement that Zarine could remain in this country to be fair and proportionate.

Keep talking about the case and getting more petitions signed, as it is not over yet.

A big thank you from Zarine and Tasnim to you all.


Alphonsus Must Stay ! And Stay He Shall !
Detained and tortured by the Nigerian government for peaceful protest. Detained and threatened with deportation by the British government. Alphonsus sought no favours, just his right to safety ! Alphonsus and his supporters ran a strong, political campaign, and won! Background:


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Alphonsus Must Stay
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