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Mrs. Charity Sweet | 17.01.2008 15:01 | SOCPA | History | Repression | London

Jackie Smith... kiss my ass you bitch.

Miss Maranda
Miss Maranda

Miss Maranda
Miss Maranda

 ProtestaroundParliament@homeoffice.gsi - is peaceful political dissent an act of Terrorism?

Something I found that I had written March 27, 2007

Description: Is public peaceful political dissent an act of Terrorism?

I am an artist and i paint and sculpt and I draw... yada yada yada...

I didn't go to court with my mates yesterday and was told I was listed
for a terrorist charge under SOCPA. Steve Jago recieved a copy of the
summons that was sent to my old, old address for a charge on October
30, 2006. Not very swift in their summonses.

My crime?

I am mistaken, I was standing at 10 Downing Street with a painted old
English wooden door... a door painted with a St. Gerorge's flag and
free speech graffitied over it and a few other bits. Faith, Hope and

What am I like?

What are they like?

First I was cautioned as a terrorist under SOCPA for singing to my seven year old daughter Maranda...

Next, I was stopped and searched for reading the Independent newspaper under the Terrorism Act.

Honest to god...

Inspector Heart threatens to arrest me and my child and place me in cells and her
with social services... for exercising my right to free speech, the
right to express your opinions, contravening my human rights (Article

Goon police officers behaving lake Nazis think that they can assalt my friends, in front of my children, in broad daylight, in full view of the public.(?)

If you are not doing anything on Thursday at 2:00 pm, I cordially invite you to Horseshit Road, otherwise known as Westminsters Magistrates Court to witness DJ

do a little dance, bend a bit of law...
get down the court!
hey! get down the court!

Barbara Tucker was also listed for four new SOCPA charges that she also had not
recieved summons for and as she was simply there as a MacKenzie friend
for Steve Jago as it appears he is being denied legal aid for his SOCPA
cases (?), she was not offered legal represenation, given ant advanced
disclosure too, and was demanded a plea be given, so much so, the
judge, as in Brian's previous case of illegal seizure, May 23, 2006,
decided to make the plea for her. Do what?

Barbara clearly stated in the courtroom, in a horse quiet voice, to DJ Evans and the
court, that she believed he was dishonest and the next thing you know,
she is hauled off by CIRCO for contempt of court with Mr. Brian W. Haw
being dragged off to the cells, soon after, for the same charge of contempt - for telling the truth?

So, Brian and Barbara and me and Steve will all be heading down to Horseferry Road on Thursday. Brain and babs to answer for contempt and me to answer for terrorism.

I believe it is high time for a bit of English law and civil justice.

Tony Blair is a war criminal and genocide is a war crime.

We, the people, demand an arrest warrant be immediately issued by Her
Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II for Tony Blair's past and present on-going

Killing foreign children for domestic financial gain is as sick as war gets.

BAE Bombs do not have a built in 'avoid children' mechanism.


N.B. Orla Austin may not have kept conteperaneous notes very well and I did. The court clerk of COWMC has clearly perjured herself. Lying slag.

Please respond by emailing Jackie Smith Home Snake today:

P.S. this is the start of my letter...

17 January 2008
Government Consulation on SOCPA 2005


The Home Secretary of England - Ms. Smith

Managing Protest around Parliament
Public Order Unit
Home Office
5th Floor Fry Building
2 Marsham Street

Dear Ms. Smith,

I hardly know where to begin.

Please find enclosed a copy of the Bill to repeal SOCPA 2005 by Baroness Miller of Chilthorn Domer; secondly, a copy of the Website site - a mainstream, reasonable, intellectual written observation of the issue at hand to which I agree completely; lastly, a letter from myself to Chief Inspector Wheeler to which neither myself nor my daughter have yet received a response to regarding her notification and her outstanding notice of authorisation to which the Commissioner of the Metropolis of London is lawfully bound by SOCPA 2005, to give within 6 days.

As the Commissioner is the only officer who may impose conditions and has not as yet offered any proof to myself that he has delegated his authority as I would reasonably request of him should he delegate his authority, I am assuming that Sir Ian Blair is personally responsible for the neglect to authorise my 8 year old child to her rights of freedom of expression and freedom of assembly to which I believe, as a mother, you have absolutely no lawful right to interfere with.

I understand the Human Rights Act was brought into English domestic law in 1998 which binds the Crown and employees of the Crown and that any interference with any of these rights must have a clear legitimate aim and be prescribed in law. There are no prescribed processes within SOCPA 2005 and the only clear aim I can see of this ludicrous legislation is not legitimate and deeply unlawful as it is, in reality, been placed by the Parliament and penned by Tony Blair under the past Home Secretary, as a gag order on political dissent; firstly, upon freedom of speech and presently, freedom of assembly is being placed under ‘attack’ by the present Home Secretary.

I reasonably want to know exactly who I am dealing with and understand exactly under which lawful authority that party is acting. I do not believe that to be an unreasonable request.

It is my understanding that this legislation was quoted in Parliament as “a hammer to crack a nut” in reference to Mr. Brian W. Haw whose father was one of the first soldiers to enter the horrors of the Berger-Belson concentration camp and rescue the victims of the Nazi Regime; an honourable deed one must concede.

Mr. Haw has been to Cambodia and born witness to ‘the killing fields’ from another war of another generation, yet another human tragedy of which most of humanity is capable of understanding should they dare to understand the reality of cause and effect., the natural laws of physics.

Charity Sweet XXX

Mrs. Charity Sweet
- e-mail: