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Sudan's SSPP Organization Expanding to UK

Global African Congress Johannesburg | 17.01.2008 04:18

The SPLM and other South Sudanese are set to establish a peace and sensitization project in the west. Vice President of Darfur Rehabilitation Project, Yahya Osman, and writer Kola Boof are to head the SSPP in America.

The Juba, Sudan-based "Sudan Sensitization Peace Project" (SSPP) is preparing to launch a new public relations campaign in the United Kingdom and North America for fall 2008.

The campaign will be directed at Blacks in western nations, as the South Sudanese Government and Darfur are increasingly concerned by the lack of information that Western blacks have regarding the borderlands of Afro-Arabic nations like Sudan and Mauritania.

According to his office in Juba, Sudan, the President and Founder of the
SSPP, BF Bankie, has appointed SPLM commander and Darfur politian Yahya
Osman to be President of the New York City branch of the SSPP.

Yahya Osman is also Vice President of the Darfur Rehabilitation Project as
well as Chairman of Foreign Officers.

Reporting directly to President Osman as National Chairwoman of the SSPP
will be controversial novelist Kola Boof, a half-Arab American based writer
who was recently accused by a Sudanese Diplomat of the Arab Khartoum government of being "legally married" to terrorist Osama Bin Laden and giving
birth to their child in 1996, allegations that both Kola Boof and the SSPP
dismiss as "more ugly lies to demonize, scandalize and silence Kola Boof".

Boof, who has admitted to being the mistress of Bin Laden against her
will in 1996, has recently come under attack by journalist and Bin Laden
expert Peter Bergen and was accused of being a "cannibal" and
"sexual addict" at one point. Members of both the SPLM and the SSPP
categorically dismissed all attacks against Boof's character in naming
her National Chairwoman of the U.S. branch of the SSPP.

One plan for implementing the American Branch of the SSPP is to have
legendary entertainer and politician Harry Belafonte speak on the peace
organization's behalf at a fundraising event in June at Professor Dani
Nabudere's Marcus Garvey Pan-African Institute in Mbale, Uganda. The
event is already booked.

Among Boof's first duties for the organization will be to oversee the establishment of an official website for the long standing SSPP.

The North American branch of the group will kick off in September with an event
rally in Manhattan. President Yahya Osman and the SSPP also hope to
attract actor and long time supporter Danny Glover, and activists Joe Madison, Munta Matsimela and Maria Sliwa.

The SSPP was founded by BF Bankie in 2002 as a "peace and information
historical society" to coincide with the South army's SPLA movement.

Officials of the SSPP can be reached in Juba, Sudan by email or at the
Global African Congress in South Africa by phone:
Phone: 011082-544-9417

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