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R.I.P. Peter McGregor - Australian Anarchist, Anti-War & Anti-Apartheid Activist

Ciaron | 16.01.2008 23:33

As we were organising for the January 11th. international solidarity events with the NVDA in D.C. to close down Gutatanamo, I renewed contact with Peter McGregor in Newcastle, Australia.

Peter was a longtime anarchist, anti-war and anti-apartheid activist. Peter was one of the major organisers in the successful anti apartheid movement that mobilised against the racially selected South African tour of Australiain 1971. We first made contact when I was in prison in the United States in the early '90's. Peter was always sound in his solidarity when one was before the courts or in jail. Peter died, aged 60, last Friday January 11th, as we were on the streets and outside U.S. embassies acting up and speaking out against Guantanamo.
More background, photo etc on link......

Last year Peter attempted to carry out a citizen's arrest on the then Australian Attorney General (and belive it or not Amnesty International member) Philip Ruddock responsible for the trashing of habeus corpus, outback and offshore detention gulags for refugees and abandoning Australian citizen David Hicks in the hell hole of Guantanamo. See link

Peter will be missed by many who continue the struggle in Australia.

OBITUARY of Australian Anarchist Peter McGregor
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