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Massive anti Heathrow dissent in (wait for it) Chiswick

mini mouse | 16.01.2008 20:58 | Climate Chaos | London

A couple of local residents organised an anti Heathrow expansion meeting in Chiswick last night.

They booked a church hall, capacity 150. But almost a thousand people turned up.

Health and Safety regs breached. Warned about risk of floor collapsing. Huge crowd outside in the rain trying to get in. Awesome.

Persuaded the choir to knock practise on the head and move into their little church hall and they filled the church, 800 seats plus standing room only. Still peeps outside in the rain.

Loads of press, and the BBC filmed the whole thing as part of "an investigation into BAA finances" for The Money Programme,

Massive knock on - loads of people wanting to do stuff.

Just like the roads campaigns - there's a really wide coalition of people ready to take this forward.

Stick with this everyone. We really can beat them.

mini mouse


No third runway campaign website

17.01.2008 11:16

By the way here is the website of the no third runway campaign:

There is also a planned protest camp this summer on the site of the proposed third runway.