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France: Postal workers to strike against job cuts

Merlin Rouge | 16.01.2008 19:51 | Workers' Movements | World

Workers in Paris' 8th district are planning strike action after management announced the loss of 111 jobs.

January 11th, 2008 by jef costello

Workers, with the support of the SUD and CGT unions have given notice of an unlimited strike to begin Monday.

William Jean-Baptiste, the new manager of district 8, announced the proposed job losses as part of the 'facteurs d'avenir' initiative brought in Last year which has already led to job losses and strikes in other districts. As a manager he has a reputation for making cuts and for using disciplinary measures to crush workers' resistance.

Workers in districts 6 and 16 are still striking on Saturdays in protest at job losses, increased workloads and in support of their claim for a 150 euro allowance for the cost of living in Paris.

Merlin Rouge