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Freedom of Assembly Protest - Part 1

Oscar Beard | 15.01.2008 13:17 | SOCPA | Repression | London | World

Part one video of the London Freedom of Assembly on Saturday 12 January 2008.

On that day, as only four police officers monitored the situation, as up to 200 people gathered at Trafalgar Square to march through the SOCPA zone around parliament.

Protestors marched from Trafalgar, past the Foreign Office, to Parliament Square, on to the Home Office, Scotland Yard, the MI5 building and back to Parliament Square for a sit-down protest in the road, which re-enforced police units then used force to remove people.

Oscar Beard
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16.01.2008 17:15

thanks Oscar Beard, love that smilin copper at the end do you think he knows we're on the side of angels?


Free World Fighter