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Direct Action Updates: Mexico, Belgium & Italy

Animal Liberation | 14.01.2008 23:01 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | World

Circus attacked by FLA-CVN in Mexico, 8 butcher shops painted in Belgium, whilst in Italy 7 fur shops received different forms of sabotage in one night ranging from glued locks, throwing paint and painting slogans, as well as birds feed.

Rolan's Circo, Mexico
Rolan's Circo, Mexico

Painted by: FLA-CVN (Animal Liberation Front - Commando Green Black)
Painted by: FLA-CVN (Animal Liberation Front - Commando Green Black)


received anonymously:

"January 11:
Seeing that our brother animals were victims of torture and their torturers were exploiting them to earn more and more money, the Animal Liberation Front - Commando Green Black attacked Rolan's Circo, a circus that uses dogs and sea lions in its 'shows.' Tired of this situation we decided to paint slogans on circus trucks, on the tent, and on walls.
Passivity makes you complicit, use direct action and declare war on speciesm!

"11 de Enero:
Al ver que nuestros hermanos animales estaban ciendo victimas de la tortura y que sus verdugos los explotan para ganar mas y mas dinero, el Frente de Liberacion Animal - Comando Verde Negro llevo un ataque a Rolan's Circo, circo que utiliza a perros y lobos marinos en sus 'shows'; cansados de esta situacion decidimos ir y realizar diferentes pintas en el transporte de propaganda del circo, en su carpa, en su fachada y lo hicimos!
La pasividad te hace complice, utilicemos la Accion Directa y declaremosle la guerra al especismo!



anonymous report:

"On January 11, at least 8 butchershops in Limburg (Belgium) were spraypainted with 'meat is murder' and 'killers'".



reported by activists in Italy:

"january 4 - Milano
7 fur shops have received different forms of sabotage in one night. The
sabotages varied from smashing the signs or the windows, spraypainting
slogans, throwing paint and gluing locks. 'We started the new year with a
declaration of war against fur-shops in Milano' claimed the activists in
a communique, that they signed 'see you soon, Vendetta'".

january 6 - Milano
Two different Coin department stores have been attcked in the same night
against their involvement in the fur trade. Italy's biggest Coin store in 5
Giornate square has been hit with paint, spraypainted slogans and etching
fluid on the windows.
Another Coin store had its windows and entrances spraypainted and one sign smashed with stones.
(Coin is under a strong anti-fur campaign, with more than 60 demos in the
first 2 months of campaign all over the country.)"



reported by activists in Italy:

"December 26 - Renate Brianza (Milano)
10 singing birds have been freed from cages at a hunting tower. the birds
have been taken to a no-hunting park. Activists claimed the action saying
there will be no peace for hunters in 2008."

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