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Freedom to Protest Border Point. London 12 Jan, 2008

Peter Marshall | 14.01.2008 11:55 | SOCPA | Repression | London

The CSG (Citizens Supporting Government) set up their border point again on Saturday 12 Jan on the edge of the SOCPA zone at Trafalgar Square to advise the public about the danger of passing into the an area where freedom is severely restricted. Pictures are copyright (C) Peter Marshall, 2008

Nelson, Charles I and Security desk
Nelson, Charles I and Security desk

Advice on the Border Point
Advice on the Border Point

While the 'Freedom to Protest' demonstration was offering its guided tour of selected sites in the SOCPA restricted area around Whitehall, those entering the zone from Trafalgar Square received some helpful advice and a highly scientific security inspection with the aid of a mirror on a stalk, as well as being recorded on a hand-held security camera.

You might possibly find out more about this on the Space Hijackers web site (, though I doubt it given the anarchitectural nature of the site. A few more pictures on 'My London Diary' soon.

If you have yet to make your response to the government consultation (see for details) you have until 17 Jan - this Thursday - to do so. If, like me, you have already responded through your union, you can also do so personally.

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