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Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace to join forces!!!

Welly the Whale | 13.01.2008 17:01 | Animal Liberation | Ocean Defence | Other Press | London | World

This is good news. They are on the same side - so why not?

Glad to hear it.
Forget the past!!!

Welly the Whale


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13.01.2008 17:43

However, Greenpeace consider Sea Shepherd's tactics to be too agressive. This is why Greenpeace refuse to reveal the coordinates to any groups, media and governments. Whereas Sea Shepherd provide details for all and believe in cooperation with other anti-whaling groups.

As the media are putting it Greenpeace are out to protest, whereas Sea Shepherd are there to stop the whaling using non-violent but agressive direct action.

Fortunately though, both ships are now persuing, so as Paul Watson put it in todays latest news:

"They can stop and continue to kill whales and we will catch them or they can continue running without killing whales. Both options will work for us."

Despite how it would be better for the whales if Greenpeace did cooperate, both groups will be using different tactics on the same ship (if they try and poach) so the whalers don't really stand a chance!


I note that on the BBC...

14.01.2008 14:28

that they are playing up the fact that Greenpeace and the Sea Shepards don't see eye to eye is being played up for all it's worth:

From what I know from some talk that Greenpeace did a few years ago, they don't openly advocate what the Sea Shepards do but the Shepards do give information to Greenpeace, so they aren't at each other throats. I think it's a bit dubious that the BBC is more interested in reporting in rivalies and "schisms" between anti-wahling groups than on the real issue, protection of the whales.

Tom A