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Video of Anti-SOCPA demo in London 12-1-08..

Doug. | 13.01.2008 10:11 | SOCPA | Repression | Social Struggles | London

Unauthorised demo in London, England, against SOCPA legislation which criminalises freedom of expression and freedom of assembly within a zone around Parliament. This legislation is under review and fears are that it might be extended.


After meeting up in Trafalgar Square it was decided to go for a walk in 'Our streets'. The police were pretty laid back to begin with while several places of interest were visited such as the Home Office, New Sotland Yard, MI5, Parliament Square and Downing Street. They even allowed a sit down in the road for a short while in Parliament Square but then began forcing people back onto the pavement. The walk then proceeded to Downing Street where people sat down just outside the gates, and then lay down in the road. Several people were arrested, including Brian Haw and Steve Jago. The people lying down in the road were dragged back into the crowd outside Downing Street.