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Around the Campaigns Friday 4th January 2008

John O / repost | 04.01.2008 20:24 | No Border Camp 2007 | Anti-racism | Migration

There was no let up by the Home Office over the 'Festive Season and New Year' to dispense misery to those 'Sans Papiers' in the UK; families were cruelly torn apart and families/individuals uprooted from their communities.

Imported after being deported
Arif Basherdost is now back in Middlesbrough after being 'Illegally' removed from the UK on 20/21st November to Afghanistan, he arrived back in the UK on the 23rd December.
Another 'Charter flight' deportee


A 'Charter flight' to Jamaica, carrying Jamaican overstayers, foreign national prisoners took place on the 29th December. Still trying to find out which airport/s these 'Charter flights' are leaving from. All the removal directions for 'charter flights' carry the following information; 'you will be removed on flight PVT055, the PVT is static, only the number changes, there is never a name of an airport or carrier!
If you know of anyone working at an airport, ask if they know how to locate the details of where non commercial flights are logged. (Tourism/domestic flights are available on the Internet).


Ronke and her children were removed to Nigeria on Wednesday of this week, but Comfort and her children didn't fly yesterday as the Home Office would have liked them to, their Belfast MP and local councilor are fighting tooth & nail to prevent the deportation and get the family back to Belfast.
Family saved from being deported


Paul Gassa , removed but fight continues to bring him back

"Dear All,
As most of you already know, despite our efforts Paul Gassa was returned to Cameroon yesterday. However, we had a plan - to raise money to release him from detention on arrival. You'll know this too, since I dunned most of you... And the news is: it worked!! I sent your money today to an ex-Campsfield friend, who took it to an official, & they went together to the airport and got Paul released after only a few hours! He's with Mathias now, exhausted but otherwise OK. If any more money comes in (I trawled pretty shamelessly) I'll send it, so that Paul can survive while he looks for work. We hope he can eventually apply to return as a fiance, to marry his EU partner. Mathias promised to send an account of what happened by email. I hope this will help for any future attempts at something similar.

Thanks to everyone who faxed & sent help."

All the best,
Carole Angier,


Nya Yakam Moise Vidal was to be removed on Christmas eve but the removal was stayed. New removal directions were set for the Tuesday 1st January and Vidal is now back in Cameroon. He will now make an application to return to the UK as a spouse, hopefully the Home Office will not attempt to hinder his return.
Moise Vidal Nya Yaka


Race Relations Audit of Immigration Removal Centres, exposes Racism

"many of the detainees that were interviewed felt that formal complaints were "a waste of time" because "no action was ever taken"

Campsfield: "It felt as if staff were in two distinct camps at Campsfield House IRC; those who supported the new management style, and those who felt that the "softer" regime was neither appropriate, nor good practice for the centre." Download the full report

Racism at immigration centres revealed in report
Staff training at immigration detention centres must be improved, says an official report which recorded a catalogue of racist behaviour in the system.
Full article: Tania Branigan, Guardian Friday January 4, 2008,,2235178,00.html

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