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Network Meeting Details

Mike | 31.12.2007 14:45

For those who are interested in attending the network meeting and getting involved in the running of Indymedia UK the details are here.

The site says that you must register in advance but only those approved by the current admins are allowed to register. A clever trick to ensure anybody like me is blocked but of course I and my friends will be there anyway, we have notified the kollective via email - details here

As can be seen current admin "ekes" has replied so no chance of anybody claiming they never received the email as was tried in the past.

Anybody who feels they are unhappy with the current direction Indymedia is taking should attend, become an admin and work with us.

I will be attending together with some friends with three aims.

A) To attempt to become an Indymedia admin. At the moment some of the admins are attempting to stop me, others are being supportive. We will see how this develops over the course of the two days.

B) To get the kollective to accept the anti semitism has no place within Indymedia and that anti semitic posts are hidden without any rights by individual admins to block hiding and attempt a long drawn out discussion thereby allowing anti semitism to remain on the newswire.

C) To confront face to face a current Indymedia admin who sent me threats via email for my anti semitic stance and who has showed cowadice when asked to stand up and face me like a man since then;

I would welcome others to come along and become involved in the running of Indymedia and work with me in removing from power those who have perverted the site for their own ends.




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