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genova-g8: Details of the sentence

cpp | 14.12.2007 17:12 | Genoa | Repression | World

Clarification about the sentence for 25 protesters from Genova 2001 during the g8 summit.

It seems that the judge divided the protesters in "bad" and "good" protesters

of the 25 protesters:

- 10 "bad ones":
from 6 to 11 years (apparently 1 person only with 11years)

- 14 "good ones":
from 5 months to 2.5 years

- 1 discharged

The 14 were then NOT charged with "resistance", being "legitimate resistance" (self-resistance) to an authorized charge. These 14 apparently will not face any jail time.

Updates will follow

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14.12.2007 17:36

The 14 were then NOT charged with "resistance", for the judge considered it "legitimate resistance" (self-resistance) to an UNAUTHORISED charge.