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Plane Stupid activists shut down travel agents on route of climate marc

Plane Stupid | 08.12.2007 10:38 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | London

Environmental activists from direct action group Plane Stupid have shut down travel agents and airline offices along the route of today’s National Climate March in London as part of the Global Day of Action against climate change.

Plane Stupid spokesperson Michael Kelly said,

"These businesses continue, with full support from the government, to profit from wrecking our climate."

The march is set to coincide with the UN climate talks in Bali where the British government will continue to talk big on climate change whilst failing to take meaningful action at home.

Kelly added:

"The government’s collusion with BAA over the Heathrow consultation on the third runway concretes over public debate and irresponsibly ignores climate warnings from the UN Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change."

Plane Stupid argues that we cannot afford to wait for governments, in bed with the likes of the aviation industry, to face up to the realities of the climate threat. Today Plane Stupid will march as part of the growing movement of climate activists who have decided that they must act themselves to stop climate change.

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