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The Nazi Nail-Bomber & The BPP

K.Bullstreet | 07.12.2007 15:47 | Anti-racism | Sheffield

With friends like this lot who needs enemies?!

Good company? Eddy Morrison & Martyn Gilleard
Good company? Eddy Morrison & Martyn Gilleard

Gilleard tucks into an aryan bagel!
Gilleard tucks into an aryan bagel!

The cause celebre of the armchair psychotic
The cause celebre of the armchair psychotic

Future cellmates (or more?)
Future cellmates (or more?)

The Nazi Nail-Bomber & BPP

For Martyn Gilleard, the neo-Nazi recently arrested with 4 nail bombs, plans to bomb mosques, and a range of other 'terrorist' material, it must be comforting to know that while he's sitting in Belmarsh maximum security prison, his 'racial comrades' are fighting his corner - from the safety of their computer stools that is! Over on the 'Blood & Honour' Guestbook, where Gilleard used to post as 'Mart88' (the '88' of course standing for 'Heil Hitler'), his fellow Nazis are queuing up to slap him on the back, compare him to 'Brixton Bomber' David Copeland (who he'll hopefully soon be joining shuffling round the corridors of Broadmoor), and generally ruin any defence he could possibly ever have had - With 'comrades' like this, who needs enemies?!

It's probably no coincidence that it was our old friend, the rat-faced fantacist and small-time coke dealer, Tony Foye (AKA 'M.I.B.') who first raised the matter on the Benson & Hedges forum. But others quickly joined in, including one Nazi who tells us, with typical regard for the English language): "The comrade arrested was mart88 yes the yorkshire organiser of the BPP.I know him quite well and have seen the nail bombs the police talk about on webcam, there are instructions on the internet on how to make them and belive me they are very simple.I just wish martyn could of let the bombs off down the local mosque before he was arrested, he has done time before and wont have a problem doing it again.This kind of activism is whats needed comrades, HAIL MARTYN AND HAIL COMBAT 18 NO SURRENDER, NO RETREAT 1488 " In another post the same Nazi tells anyone that cares to visit the site about seeing some of Gilleard's "other artilery" (sic.) Top mate eh?!

Understandably perhaps, the Nazis quickly ask how their 'fallen comrade' was nicked, was he grassed? British People's Party Leader Kevin Watmough, who runs the forum, together with 'Redwatch', quickly steps in to claim that the BPP's Goole and East Yorkshire Organiser was not in fact 'grassed'. Well he would wouldn't he? Watmough, along with Eddy Morrison and Robin Steele, is one of at least 3 police informers in the BPP, and they probably have far more. Morrison even used to sell the names and addresses of his fascist comrades to Leeds AFA for beer money! Hanging out with this lot Gilleard, who seems to be an idiot with no sense of security at all, wasn't going to last long.

After more than a month, Watmough and the BPP have finally 'claimed' Gilleard, "a trusted comrade and loyal member ", saying they did not speak out before "as we have not wanted to prejudice his case and because of the law of sub judice." What utter rubbish! Gilleard is unlikely to go to trial before next Summer, and it is hard to think of anything more likely to 'prejudice' his case than a connection to Kevin Watmough, the rag and bone man of swastika-selling, and his odious organisations. Unfortunately for Gilleard, his connection to the neo-Nazi Right is as concrete as the BPP's connection to the cops - And now to 'terrorism'.

If anyone would like to contact the sick would-be nail-bomber they can do so at the following address Martyn Gilleard, TT8096, HMP Belmarsh, Western Way, Thamesmead, London, SE26 OEB. We doubt he'll be visiting his home at Pool Court, Pasture Road, Goole, East Yorkshire for some time.



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