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Audio: Peak Oil & Climate Change - Twin Crises?

repost | 06.12.2007 11:32 | Analysis | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Sheffield | World

The relationship between Peak Oil and Climate Change was discussed, during a joint meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Groups on Peak Oil and on Climate Change, in the Grand Committee Room in Parliament on 5th December 2007.


Jeremy Leggett, author of `Half Gone' and CEO of Solar Century.

Martyn Williams, Parliamentary Campaigner, Friends of the Earth.

Chris Vernon, the Oil Drum, Europe.

mp3 file (100mb) of the meeting:

This meeting is being discussed on the forum where Adam has said:

"At the co-hosted APPG on climate change - APPGOPO event in Parliament last night we learned that officials in the DTI (now the BERR), rejected the idea of commissioning a Hirsch-style risk assessment report to look at our options for mitigating the effects of a possible early oil peak as being too politically risky. This despite being presented with evidence for a likely early peak and the recent quotes of the warnings of early supply problems expressed by the CEOs of some of the major IOCs and the IEA.

This was the single most extraordinary piece of news that came out of a frustrating evening where the divide between many campaigning on climate change and those in the PO camp was on display for all to see.

The radical proposal from Chris Vernon that a constrained oil supply means that climate change campaigners' main strategy of concentrating on oil demand reduction will not reduce CO2 emissions and that the focus should instead be on oil supply reduction did not seem to be taken on board by many.

I wish we had handed out copies of the Heinberg newsletter on Bridging PO and CC activism so that a few heads could be banged together."

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