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Senior Cops Massaging Figures To Keep Crack Houses Open

Bristol Broadband Co-Operative | 04.12.2007 12:37 | Analysis | History | Repression

This show has been a bit iffy because has been down for a while - so re-uploading it here.
Two news items about the criminalisation of Bristol's law enforcement process and Palestine in the Second World War

Dialect 1st Dec 2007 - ACPO Avoids Crack, Targets Cannabis

Features this week [Time in brackets index to the featured item in the mp3 file]:

* Protests against injustice and secrecy in family courts involving child care and adoption issues. (04:58)
* Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) focus on Cannabis instead of class A drugs such as Crack cocaine. Interview with Steve Barker of the Legalise Cannabis Alliance (12:32)

Regular features: News (00:40), Empire and Commonwealth Archive: The state of affairs in Palestine just after World War II (Part 2) (20:57), What’s on Guide (46:27), Poem (52:31)

Producer: Anthea Page
Reporters: Tony Gosling, Lisa Braiden, Anthea Page.
Presenter: John Peters Coleman
Poem: Kristen Powers
What’s On Guide: Jeff Sparkes
Studio Manager: Vilas Chitrakaran

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