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Switzerland: Police brutality against RTS. 245 activists detained

f | 03.12.2007 13:54 | Repression | World

Nearly 500 riot cops with tanks and water cannons stopped a peaceful RTS-party. The cops used pepperspray, non-lethal guns and did beat people. They detanied 245 people.

Police hunted people through the streets. In a park they surrounded hundreds of activists. Each activist was filmed and brought to a nearby prison. The prison was absolutely new and it seems it was constructed for arresting protesters. After some hours no one was allowed to go to the toilet or to ask for drinking water. The detainees were forced to be naked. After the arrest people were brought by police not back into the city of Luzern - but in neighbouring villages. Quote of a cop: "We don´t want you in the city".

Repression is on a new level in Switzerland. Time to act.



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Party on lovers!

03.12.2007 15:29

...the manifestation of the free street party can be a abomination to the existing mainstream consciousness. I think from my experience that that is why they seek to contain these happenings...from the viewpoint of a organiser/ see the event forming, you see the reaction from the state, you see this happening on the energy level, and its that that is crucial to understanding. Its a matter of breaking the power by direct action, and this power breaking as in the states power of course is reflected by the consciousness/energy. There is huge people power community wide reality changing potential in this sort of event.

Ryan O'Grady