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St Andrew | 30.11.2007 08:40 | SOCPA | Animal Liberation | Repression

Anti NETCU website down - conspiracy or cock up?

NETCU WATCH ranting anti police mouthpiece is currently showing a suspended page.
Is this as a result of repressive state action or is it simply incompetence?

We need to Know!

St Andrew


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Doesn't look like the state

30.11.2007 11:00

Thanks for not giving the url in that post, it is everyone.

"This Account Has Been Suspended

If you are the web site owner and you wish to re-enable this account please contact the billing department.

Kaleton Internet is a British-based Internet solutions provider with clients around the globe. We provide security services, domain registrations, web design, web hosting and email services to businesses and individuals with a range of needs. For more information on how we can help you please visit"

The State is good, but not usually that good. I would suggest if they are doing anything interesting they think about using a better (more politically supportive and not UK based) host though.


steve pearl

30.11.2007 17:42

and NETCU will be pleased.


Its ok...

30.11.2007 22:20

Things will be continuing, I have heard there are some hosting issues but the site should be back soon possibly on its own domain name but it will be back asap... (its not the state as of yet) ;)


- Homepage:

Still Down

03.12.2007 08:29

It's still down - can't be state - its on Kaleton!


ooh err!

11.12.2007 17:34

bloomin 'ell it's up again serg !!!

here it is