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British Forces & Press Sleepwalking Into World War III?

Tony Gosling | 29.11.2007 01:45 | Faslane | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Terror War | World

Recent revelations from the French Voltaire Network (part of 9/11 Truth, France) suggest the Neocon Fascist Madmen plan to sacrifice the eight ships that comprise the US Fifth Fleet in a Gulf Of Tonkin style mock retaliation for a US or Israeli strike on an Iranian reactor. It looks as if this may be the third attempt in the last 12 months by Neocons to create a massive 'incident' to trigger a World War.

US Fifth Fleet - to be sacrificed in a new 'Gulf Of Tonkin'?
US Fifth Fleet - to be sacrificed in a new 'Gulf Of Tonkin'?

On The Brink Of World War III - Twice This Year?

23Nov07 - BRISTOL, UK - As retired joint chiefs condemn Brown's Anti-Democratic regime Tony Gosling asks how we have come to this and wonders is there a hidden message in the retired joint chiefs' message to Godon Brown?

Those Who Know War May Stand For Peace In Our Time

The so-called War no Terror has been an unmitigated disaster. Built on lies it has this week been revealed as a Trojan Horse for the Military Industrial Complex, a precursor for a Third World War. It is heartening to see Britain's top professional military men condemning it and shows that we have learned something from two world wars about how to prevent dark forces gaining the momentum necessary for mass slaughter. Those with battlefield experience alone it seems have not forgotten the opening words of the UN Charter, "We the peoples of the United Nations determine to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war which twice in our lifetime has caused untold suffering to mankind...."

But they are not quite alone, another group of key people last weekend stood up to declare that "We won't get fooled again!". Journalists, conned into believing Blair and Alistair Campbell's sexed-up WMD stories which led to the deaths of over 1 million innocent Iraqis say they will rigorously debunk ANY attempt to start another illegal war on Iran.

All this in the appalling week that BBC Radio 4 put Eliza Manningham Buller (Bullying-Manner) ex boss of MI5 in the 'Desert Island Discs' hot seat bleating between awful music tracks about how she couldn't explain intelligence failures because "The Intelligence and Security Committee is looking into it". Roy Plumley would no doubt have been livid to see his gentle idea used as a conveyor belt to promote the discredited secret state.

Neither of the two incidents which bear so heavily on the British media and public opinion, 7/7 and 911 have been properly investigated. In the US the 911 Commission was stuffed with people who had war industry connections and blithely binned the key testimony. In the UK we have not even been allowed an enquiry despite four excellent internet documentaries: BT which came out just after the attacks, Mind The Gap, Ludicrous Diversions and 7/7 The Ripple Effect. Moles in British mainstream TV Channels have blocked the broadcast of any of these. These films are all made on virtually zero budgets and raise questions any one of which demands an overturning of the official cover story 1. there was a warning given by Scotland Yard to the Israeli Finance minister Benjamin Netanyahu 15 minutes before the 7/7 bombs; 2. Peter Power's company Visor Consultants was conducting an exercise at precisely the same three tube stations where the bombs went off on the day; 3. MI5 lied at the time of the blasts when they said the suspects were unknown to them, it has since transpired that at least three had been under their surveillance; 4. The train the government's anonymous 'narrative' said the suspects caught from Luton to London was cancelled that day and 5. There are no CCTV images of the suspects on London's public transport that day.

There are even more flaws in the official cover story of 9/11, here are just a few: 1. Some individuals in key positions had 'stood down' the US Air Force that day who's job it is to intercept hijacked planes. 2. There were military exercises around nuclear war fighting and terrorist hijackings on the day. 3. The Anthrax used to close down congress for the passing of the Homeland Security Act came from the US Military's own biological weapons store. That list goes on and on.....

In many people's eyes including journalists and key military chiefs the War on Terror is dead in the water. The problem has become not the nasty dark-skinned Arabs sitting on the oil, it has become the dark forces within the West, the UK, US and Israel in particular and the associated Zionist political goals which will stop at nothing to demonise Muslims and get their killing machine on the road. Twice in 2007 it appears we came close to this. At Easter, Operation Bite was an attempt at a joint US Isreali strike against Iran which could have meant massive retaliation. Then at the end of August the nuclear armed rogue B52 incident combined with the Israeli Air Strike on Syria also looks to have been part of a second plot to detonate war. At that rate we're due another attempt at the end of January 2008! US Presidential hopefuls are almost all talking tough about tactically nuking Iran, that would surely mean at least one H-bomb on a US city ant they get their war. And on December 12th the Russians wisely pull out of the European peace treaty, largely because of Britain's idiotic political alliance with a dollar crash-crazed and vote fraud riddled US administration.

This is why Britain's old guard soldier are speaking out. As a warning both to the people and to our secretive, infiltrated government.

So three cheers for those in the the Royal British Legion and the British military opposing the Iran war and another three for the journalists and producers that spoke out last weekend at the Media Workers Against the War conference against attempts to start a disastrous war against an peace-loving nation, Iran. Anyone who crosses the old guard now, better watch their step.

Former military chiefs mount fierce assault
By Ben Russell, Political Correspondent
Published: 23 November 2007
Gordon Brown came under intense fire from an alliance of former military chiefs as they issued warnings that the Ministry of Defence was facing "blood on the floor" because of budget cuts.
Five former chiefs of the defence staff spoke out furiously in the House of Lords as they pummelled Mr Brown and his Government for failing to back Britain's armed forces. Their joint assault heaped yet more pressure on the Prime Minister, at the end of a torrid week for his administration........

Journalists must not make same mistakes with Iran as Iraq
19 November 2007 - By Dominic Ponsford
Journalists must learn from the mistakes made in the build-up to the current war in Iraq as they cover the present situation with Iran.
This was the message to come out of the Media Workers Against the War conference at the London School of Economics on Saturday.
Around two thirds of the 350 people attending worked in the media, according to a show of hands, and those voicing the warning for journalists included Tony Benn, former New Statesman editor now Guardian columnist Peter Wilby, the Guardian’s Nick Davies, veteran investigative journalist Philip Knightley and the Evening Standard’s Andrew Gilligan..........

Iran: The Neocon Agenda to Sacrifice the Fifth Fleet – The New Pearl Harbor.!

Tony Gosling
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