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HLS's Top Shareholder - TransAmerica after SAC Sell!

Smash HLS | 27.11.2007 19:14 | Animal Liberation | Cambridge | World

In May 2007, HLS (NYSE:LSR) had the likes of Dresdner Bank owning nearly 600'000 shares in its animal torture. On June 30, 2007 institutional investors held a total of 484,250 shares of LSR. The latest report reveals that institutional investors hold 72, 817 shares.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Now that the majority of shareholders have dropped Huntingdon Life Sciences, HLS are left with their top shareholder Transamerica Investment holding with just a measly 29,000 shares!

After campaigning on a global scale Axa, Wachovia Corp, BNP Paribas all dropped HLS shares. The latest news is that SAC Capital/Sigma is also gone and SPARK has reduced their holding from 53,600 to 18,900. It is suspected that by now, they have probably dumped the rest of it.

To put this in perspective, As of June 30, 2007 institutional investors held 484,250 shares of LSR. As of the latest report, institutional investors hold 72, 817 shares. Good work everyone.

This company still have a right to know what they are involved with so please
politely contact them to let them know what Huntingdon are involved with and
ask that they sell their shares in protest! A sample letter follows below.




David Kania, Director

Rob Knowles, Director

David Hogan, Director

Robert Foran, Director

Tim Hassett, Senior Associate

Rob Zwiebel, Director

Rich Passafiume, Portfolio Specialist

Brad Michels, Portfolio Specialist

Ted Harris, Principal & Director


Sample Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Transamerica & Huntingdon Life Sciences

It has come to my attention that your company is currently the top shareholder
of Europes largest animal testing laboratory, Huntingdon Life Sciences. They
have facilities in the UK, and also in the US. You have recently increased your
shareholding to 29,000 shares, and I think you have the right to know what it
is you are buying shares in.

HLS are the world's most notorious animal testing facility and have been
exposed time and time again. There is evidence from the 1980's to 2006 of
animal cruelty, scientific fraud, and sloppy procedures.

HLS were caught on film punching beagle puppies in the face and cutting open primates without any anesthetic. If you are in any doubt about what goes on in the secret labs of HLS, then please read what their own workers had to say just last year, and see footage taken inside the lab itself:

HLS has also surrounded itself in controversy once again this year, as an ex
employee has filed a law suit claiming he was sacked for refusing to falsifying data, this has serious human health implications. I am sure you will agree the footage taken in HLS is horrific and the workers account is utterly shameful.

I hope that you can use your position to put an end to your company's support
of the disgusting cruelty at Huntingdon Life Sciences by selling your shares
like so many companies before you have already.

Yours faithfully,


SHAC requests that all correspondance must be kept polite and informative at all times.

From: (latest blog) and parts taken from myspace bulletin.



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