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Polonium Poisoning - news, one year later

X xxx | 26.11.2007 11:56 | Bio-technology | Other Press | Terror War | London

FACTS as odd as. . . . polonium poisoning - comments re latest "year on" news, what it shows about the situation, postcoldwar, in russia, the world, etc

(with echoes of that old "dystopia" play "a")

The most recent news we have seen in relation to some of these odd russia/diaspora "ex-kgb" tales, most often around the investigations surrounding the "polonium incident" ( yesterdays sunday times piece was a good example ) is a reminder of that old london-based SF dystopia referred to in the play "a" , in a sort of "play in a play" bit of it.
( the gist of it was that a bunch of old covert-ops second tier of "defence of the realm" types, ( seperate from the state, the relics of 1920s paranoia about the "bolshy" mobs rising up, then taking over trains, storming the City of London, etc ) had "gone rotten". Burrough by burrough, in fact, then misused some old "crowd control" under pavement electro-tech, with the greater "tuning" that modern computers allowed, to machinate peoples actual reactions - in that sort of "frogs leg" old schoolkid experiment - but with a little burst of EMP to a bit of the brain to get, say, the tongue to flop out, or the little finger to wobble - but with the pretence at "diabolic possession", by using a bit of tacky mesmerism, to create entire "pseudo-groups" that could get used as either minions to do dirty jobs cheaper, or "bogey-person" groups to claim as the "threat" that these rotten burroughs of semi-dads army twisted neighbourhood watch type fraudsters were protecting their sponsors from.)
In the play, this "cash from chaos" theory - a sort of "fightclub" with a few QWERTY-user little wizard of oz meets the sadder, nastier version of the fraud from "bedknobs'n'broomsticks" goes as far as trying to get loads of people into Westminster, to offer "researchers" to the highest bidders, dropping phrases into the mouths of MPs, functionaries blackmailed to smooth the way for dodgy supermarket permissions, procurement budgets "for sale", war-creation schemes for the dodgier multi-national "MYNDERBYNDER" corporations, buying up Hotels to launder deals, or listen in to City trader types to "put a few side bets" on. They had got as far as putting old concentration camp experiment "slave labour" MKULTRA tech into use to offer "employment training" !!!!
In Russia, though, it seems that this "1930s chicago" chaos situation was caused by the deregulating fetishists that came over with "western aid" post gorbachev - but it seems the dystopia there is waking up to those facts too - ( as yet uncovered by the "daywatch/nightwatch" series - though perhaps "twilight" or "sun-up" might !) - as, too, it seems the "west" is. As the initial casualties of "infowar" are, in actual fact, so often the "customer", the "free west" was quite distorted too over time of the cold war. People that knew what they were talking about said the "irish war" couldnt end due to the fact that the criminal rackets were too ingrained into all sides . . . . this seems that sort of situation, worldwide. But when "Northern Rock" costs the taxpayer QUITE this much - ALL from a few dodgy snake-oil mortgage sellers raking off commission as 200,000 poor people get thrown out of their houses in the states . . . . when it seems possible that certain "opinion-influencer" types (see the AEi piece in the International Herald Tribune last week) are attacking the current USA administration for having "gone soft" to try to pre-wreck the crucial middle east peace process . . . . when the "war of errorism" (as the "remembereach eleventh" campaign used to call it) has cost the USA taxpayer $1,000,000,000,000 - all, as Eisenhower used to say, stolen from the mouth of hungry kids - when the top brass in the UK were saying YEARS AGO that the Iraq campaign CAUSED MORE TERRORISTS. . . .
These days, if you DONT think there are dodgy things going on "under the surface" its YOU thats a bit odd.
(reminder of the old secret-police lightbulb joke: How many . . . . 100. 1 to swap the lightbulb, all the others to say to you that . . . . you are mad. The light was never off! )
The question, of course, is WHAT.
But its good that, these days, it is the "establishments" that ask these questions too.
It actually does seem quite possible that Sasha was onto something about the "playing of one side against the other" in the cold war , the sort of thing that comes up by accident to people in his situation - ( to hear that people thought "your lot" did so'n'so, but with the sort of background for certainty that they DIDNT might get you wondering about things, if you were researching it or not!) . But it seems certain that a few people in the media are getting spun to PLAY it as "amping up the cold war" again.
War, what is it good for. Insert list of usual suspects, sift, etc.


X xxx


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was "a"

26.11.2007 13:03

in that mcleod series? seem to remember it revolved around the misuse of the "extra-electro" treatment to prevent the "masses rising" from the tottenham court road TUC / lefty bookshop bit, or the "greeny" version of it - holloway road - with CND, "medical campaign against nuclear weapons", the "Green Party" HQ, etc - with backup from the old northern rotten burroughs of the hull-doncaster-bradford-leeds-thenM62west echoing the T>D>SMITH/ "GBH" style - by way of the edinburgh east coast electro-rails south . . . . were there balloons ????
Serious thought - if the assortment of types that might have got used as puppets in all this (see the sunday times pieces guess that one of the current "key bad guy" suspects in all this was perhaps to some extent very scammed too) wised up to see they'd got set up, then offered to co-operate with the worlds various law enforcement types - (if THEY got their acts together) could the world sort this out without SOMEBODY trying to do to the enquiries what was done to that SFO armsdealer enquiry (when it had got as far as the discovery of a network of operators on the corporations rosta - with a few "plausible denial" cut-outs ).
That seems whats necessary.
PS is there a way for people in "lower" positions in those sort of things to query when enquiries are "put off"? I hate to say that people that used to work for the MoD or that sort of thing might see cash as a cause for their actions equal to their patriotism, but recent news about that QntQ sell-off has me doubting things I used to see as certain.
That "underground" sell-off didnt get HALF as much - or so it seems.

slutty buttface

". . . . remember each eleventh" campaign sort of thing addition ?

28.11.2007 12:12

- - - - are there other bits of these plots or "plays within plays" - sounds the sort of thing that might go into a ""bards" tales, mystery plays, metaphors, etc" bit of it . . . . food for thought!
Stunning gizmos, SF rotten burrough protection rackets that have taken the railway to the south coast or flown off to bahamas/burmese type "extradition-free" taxhavens, trying to "press peoples buttons" from afar with that "retirement" nest egg of old "colonel curts" clockwork apocalypse pseudo-groups . . . . all sounds "too near the bone". Good !!!!


"remember to think about it"

01.12.2007 11:02

(a scroogle link, despite the fact somebody has screwed about with the access to old pieces from uk indymedia - weird or what) . . . . a global context IN THE COMMENT - the actual "intro" piece is by the way.. . . but its good people aint puppeteered as easy as they were once.... that is as much thecase for people tou DISAGREE with as for those you agree with. good thinking - lets all stop getting spun.

". . . . also, remember. . . ."