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USA - anotherone killed by police using "less" lethal taser

clocky bell | 20.11.2007 11:40 | Repression | World

A twenty year old Frederick Maryland man is dead as the result of the use of this offensive weapon, and still they claim that it is less lethal. THAN WHAT?
Jarrel Gray, described as a "good kid," was involved in a fight in a Maryland apartment complex. Deputies arrived, found four people involved in a "scuffle," according to their mouthpiece

A witness, Eric Cargenas, described this encounter: A Deputy applied the taser to Gray, who went down, and did not recover. He was taken to the local hospital, where he was pronounced Dead on Arrival.

According to Amnesty International, at least 150 persons in the USA have died as the result of the use of this less lethal weapon. Again, less lethal than what? It has become a weapon of convenience for cops in this country. Rather than touch a victim (such as Fouad Kaady) or suspect, they rely upon fifty thousand volts of energy to apply reason to physically or emotionally charged subjects. When they die, it is another case of "oh, well, couldn't have been the electricity, because Taser International has purchased the testimony of several experts who tell us that it is harmless." If they die, they die...

Another wonderful side benefit of the military industrial complex.

clocky bell


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