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Questions . . . . questions | 19.11.2007 16:35 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Other Press

. . . . ODD "FLEET STREET" LONDON MEDIA COVER OF THE RECENT "LEADERSHIP DEBATES" IN THE "THIRD PARTY" has lessons for the full spectrum of opinions in this "democracy" . . . . but its clear that UK opinion (catching up with scottish opinion) HAS shifted over "TRIDENT TWO", war/peace foreign policy, climate turbulence, etc - the old "warbucks" bloody-gravy train favourite "percentage-plus" earners, so a load of desperate delaying tactics from the old ex-covert-ops jokeshop are going to do little except postpone the end of the scams

If you listen to most of the coverage of this libdem "leadership" campaign, (e.g. "Today", R4 news, all the "talkradio" stations ) certain things resound, due to both their repetition, but also their falseness. The alleged "tweedle-dee, tweedle-dum" spin that somehow forgets - or tries to distract attention from - the matter of a commitment AGAINST the purchase of a Terror-Weapon escalation, post-cold-war, for the UK armed forces.
This, in actual fact, is a position that most serious armed forces strategists agree with, but also a position the majority of the British population agree with.
The need for choppers, more armour for under vehicles - yes, these are needs people see, people comprehend.
But the British people HAVE grown up, so that these days they DONT see the point in a bloody great signpost to the apocalypse that says "despite the fact that we DONT exist in a tense bit of the world, as a "grown-up" serious member of the UN we think we needed a flamethrower aimed at your kids or we didnt think we were dressed properly. . . . but please dont think about trying to get your own "poor-mens" versions, or use terror as a way to push YOUR opinions. . . . "
It is easy to guess that, when our arms corporations, their slushfunds, their networks of "easy-cash" short-term high-pay jobs "opinion-influencers" - that "OF COURSE" couldnt dream of doing dodgy things to the British democratic process (????) have SUCH a good reputation - seeing as the SFO inquiry was stopped - if a single thing was going to drop off the media version of this debate, it might have the "Trident-two" title.
This isnt to endorse people - this is to defuse spin.
The last leader of the libdems was seen as a "threat" by a few of these types due to the fact he raised the quality of the "international" debate - (more treaties means less warbucks, as a few people see it ), but - despite the lack of coverage, the actual debate about international upgrades to strengthening global structures IS opening - the "extradition-free tax-havens" so needed by these "cheaper holidays from other peoples miseries" types are under threat, as the most once "gung-ho" ex-army types ask the same questions about these dodgy "quagmire" situations as the "radical" peaceniks. Top brass as much as the current "stuck-in-the-muds".

Questions . . . . questions