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Protest: UK Deports 14-Year-Old Kurdish Girl Via Germany

Oscar Beard | 15.11.2007 10:23 | Education | London | World

Today, Thursday 15 November the UK government will deport Meltem Avcil, a Kurdish refugee who will turn 14-years-old on 21 November.

A protest was called yesterday by SOAS Detainee Support Group outside the German Embassy to call on German government to refuse entry to Meltem.

Video Meltem_Avcil_Protest - video/quicktime 7.1M

Meltem Avcil Banner
Meltem Avcil Banner

Protestors & Banners
Protestors & Banners

This Letter was written by Meltem to the German Embassy in the UK.

Dear German Embassy,

My name is Meltem Avcil. I am going to be 14 this month, on the 21st.

I am in detention centre since 27th August 2007.

I only want to say a few things:

I have been in detention for 3 months.

Would your heart take it if your children was in here without seeing her friends and families on the Birthday week and no education.

The only thing I am begging for is don't accept us. Please, my life would be destroyed then.

Please don't accept us.

Thanks very much,

Yours Sincerely,

Meltem Avcil

For more information or to support SOAS Detainee Support Group:

No Border Network

Oscar Beard


Deportation cancelled

15.11.2007 13:40

Melton and her mum were not deported on this mornings flight, its too early to say wether the demonstration was directly related to this.

more info to follow

good news