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Invite to the rampART User Meeting, 17th Nov

RSVP | 11.11.2007 16:46 | Analysis | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London

The rampART social center has been open now for three and a half years, hosting over a thousand meetings, screenings, cafe nights, benefit gigs, exhibition, performances, workshops and training sessions. The collective that facilitates all this would like to touch base with past, present and future users of the space at a special meeting to be held on Saturday 17th November.

Nobody has any idea how much longer the building in Rampart Street will remain occupied and utilized as a radical autonomous space, but as on of the few social centers in London the collective running the rampART are keen to make the most of it and would like to hear peoples views and ideas about the social center and how it is being run.

On Saturday 17th (starting at 5pm till 7pm), there will be a user consultation meeting.

Unlike the weekly collective meetings this one is not about practical matters or events booking. It will not be a decision making meeting but more of a consultation and visioning exercise, an opportunity for the collective to analyse the current and potential role of the rampART to different groups and campaigns. It will provide an opportunity for for people not familiar with the collective to gain greater understanding of the decision-making processes, practical issues and problems related to project. Additionally it will enable the various individuals and groups using the space to meet each other and discuss any issues relating to their shared use of facilities.

Hopefully the gathering would enable us to improve not only the rampART itself but also to aid communication between the different groups that use the space. We are looking for ways that groups or individuals can be more involved in the ongoing running of the space and strengthen the organising collective.

Knowing that many people dislike meetings, this one will be kept relatively short. It will run from 5pm to 7pm followed by food, drinks and quiet music to allow people to chat, network and socialize.

Please email us if you are thinking of attending and forward this invite to other people you know who use the rampART or who you think might like to get involved in some way.

Also, if you have facilitation skills or ideas about how best to structure the meeting, please let us know.

Email us at

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