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Reclaim Your Health

homeopathy4health | 11.11.2007 14:57 | Culture | Free Spaces | Health | London

Your health is your business but all to often it seems to be out of your hands. Super bugs, dirty wards, waiting lists, lack of funding, poor management or exclusive elitist private treatment? NHS, Bupa, Harley Street or now, Rampart Street. Your choices have now expanded a little further with an addition to the variety of events, meetings and activities emerging from DIY culture.


Booked in for every Friday afternoon at the rampART social center. Please arrange an appointment with the organiser before coming.

An Alternative Homeopathic Clinic focussed on empowering & enabling you to health.

One-to-one consultations on a monthly basis. Remedies, Essences, Herbs & advice to take during the month.

Rampart Social Centre, 15-17 Rampart Street, Whitechapel, E1 2LA

Every Friday: 2pm – 6pm

How Much?
£0. It’s an exchange or barter clinic. Bring whatever you want. Eg. Skipped food, poetry, art, socks, a good book or an IOU!

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