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Indymedia training session - be the media

The indymedia trainings department :) | 11.11.2007 13:44 | Free Spaces | Indymedia | London

For those who would like to get involved in indymedia but are not too
sure how, or fancy knowing how all that mess that is works, or have gone all the way to an indymedia
meeting but it all sounded like a mix of spanish and chinese to them...

The next indymedia training in London will be on Tuesday
the 20th of November at about 7pm in Rampart social centre.

It is not clear which floor we will get so please do notify by email to so that we get an idea of how many
people to expect. Also please do come prepared with pen and paper so you
can take notes of all the homework you will take with you ;) only half
joking, there will be quite a few web pages you will need to visit once
at your home or your local social centre.

This is a vague outline of the intended contents;

history introduction, - why indymedia was created
delete intermediary between actors and audience
take away commercial relationship by which news are sold and bought
right to reply

expansion - first stages
principles of unity and membership criteria
software , servers

localisation - the uk site
imc uk and decentralisation
imc london,
relationship between london and uk site, then global site.


- how to write a [newswire] article
- how to edit pictures (gimp)- what formats to use, etc ...
- appropriate formats for audio/video
- how to publish (the technical bit)
- irc for when things go wrong
- basic internet security, strictly for the very beginners, on how to
use (and why) encryption and/or secure connections

It might not happen that all these things get covered but you should get
out inspired to write lots of reports , lots of features and do lots of
admin to avoid the closure of the indymedia site.

The indymedia trainings department :)


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  1. was only trying to be helpful — disgruntled Indymedia reader