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F.I.T @ Huntingdon Life Sciences March Pt2

Fit Watcher | 11.11.2007 00:35 | SOCPA | Animal Liberation | Repression | Social Struggles | Cambridge | World

Those F.I.T lads, pt2

>>> 695 - The one who asks about grasses
>>> 695 - The one who asks about grasses


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11.11.2007 12:23

PC Mather (cameraman in pics 2 and 3) was also seen taking photographs of each and every vehicle that was parked up along the side of the road at the demo outside HLS Wooley.

Here's a few comments from Chief Inspector Darren Alderson prior to the demo which appeared in the Cambridge evening news.

"We fully support people's right to protest..." and "As with supporting the right to protest..."

So this includes photographing the number plates of each and every vehicle that attends a peaceful demo then? What bollocks.



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  1. It amounts to intimidation — Jena