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TOTALitarian Oil Out of Burma - National Day of Action - Sat 24 Nov

dv | 10.11.2007 01:44 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | London | World

On Saturday 24th November, there will be a UK-wide day of action against TOTAL Oil. Petrol stations around the country will see protests calling for TOTAL to pull out of Burma and stop funding the Burmese junta.

Burma's democratically-elected leader, Aung San Suu Kyi - under detention or house arrest for the past 12 years - has said TOTAL is the biggest supporter of the Burmese junta and should pull out of Burma immediately. Burma Campaign UK is also calling for TOTAL to divest its interests in the country - namely the Yadana natural gas pipeline to Thailand (constructed using forced labour), operated in conjunction with Chevron-Texaco .

There are two ways to get involved in the UK-wide day of action:

1) Organise your own demo: use the handy store finder at to find your local Total garage, make some leaflets and visual materials (or download them from the website, and go along on the day with a few mates and a digital camera. For a map of TOTAL garages within the M25, see Let us know when and where you're going to hold the protest (unless you wish to carry out an unannounced autonomous affinity group direct action) and we'll add it to the blog and other publicity.

2) Register your interest: email with your location, and we'll let you know where your nearest garage protest is taking place. For Londoners, if you're able to commit to coming and don't mind where you go, let us know that too, and we'll allocate you to a garage. The more people express an interest the more garages we can cover!

As well as London, we expect there will be demos in Bradford, Cardiff, Oxford, St Albans and, hopefully, all over the UK. It is time to send a loud and clear message to Total Oil and the French government that we the people of Britain will not allow such companies to profit from an undemocratic military dictatorship that murders, tortures and imprisons Buddhist monks and peaceful pro-democracy activists, whilst its people can't even afford to put rice on the table in a country so rich in natural resources.

...oh, and don't forget to post a report of your demo / action on Indymedia!

- e-mail: dviesnik at yahoo dot co dot uk
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