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BAe "bribery cover up" to be re-investigated.

comic | 09.11.2007 13:15 | Anti-militarism | London

Last September saw a fund-raising gig by Mark Thomas and his mates
to enable Campaign Against the Arms Trade and Corner House to seek a judicial review to force a re-opening of the investigations into BAe's alleged bribery of Saudi princes.

The SFO inquiry into the (BAe/Daudi Arabia) Al Yamamah deal was stopped in December 2006 by the government, with attorney general Lord Goldsmith announcing that it was threatening the UK's national security.

However today in the High Court Lord Justice Moses said that "matters of concern and public importance" had been raised and the challenge "cries out for a hearing".

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So big thanks to Simon Anstell, Ed Byrne, Robin Ince, Stewart Lee and Josie Long and Jo Caulfield, and the thousands of people who stumped up the money and made up the audience.