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Forest Gate two: we were held up again and taunted this August

starofcctv | 08.11.2007 22:47 | Anti-racism | Repression | Terror War | London

The Forest Gate two's revelation of a second gunpoint ordeal this year

From the Daily Mail, 3 November:

"It's also emerged a man shot by police in a botched anti-terror raid claims to have been subjected to a second armed arrest.

Abdul Kahar was hit in the shoulder and he and his brother, Abul Koyair, detained when police broke into their home in Forest Gate, East London, in June last year.

Despite an intensive search of the house, no incriminating material was found and the Metropolitan Police had to issue an apology to the pair.

Last night, the brothers told Channel 4 News that they were held at gunpoint again this August by armed officers.

They say the policemen knew exactly who they were and made jibes about the compensation they'd received from the Met. A spokesman for Scotland Yard said the incident took place when officers followed up reports that a motorcyle pizza deliveryman had a gun.

He added that the incident had been resolved without the need for an inquiry by the Independent Police Complaints Commission. 'Representatives of the individuals involved made it clear they did not want the matter investigated as a complaint,' he said.

Neither brother was charged over the incident in which another man was detained for having imitation weapons."

NOTE: In an earlier version of this story which appeared on the Daily Mail website the preceding night, it was reported that the men did not pursue a formal complaint about the incident because they had lost confidence in making such complaints.

Yesterday it was announced that the two brothers will give evidence to the Commons home affairs select committee inquiry into planned anti-terror laws. This committee is chaired by Keith Vaz. The brothers were interviewed on the Today programme on Radio 4 this morning.