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State of exception in Georgia(former part of Sovjet Union).Soldiers on streets

mir | 08.11.2007 14:30 | Repression | World

Georgia, Tblisi. President of State, Michail Saakaschwili, declared the state of exception in Georgia. Soldiers of the ministry of the interior occupied the centre of Tiflis. They still patrol on the Rustaveli-Avenue where they yesterday crushed a protest of many thousand people. More than 100 were injured, many detained.
Today there are almost no cars on the streets, people stay at home.

pic from commercial media (yahoo news germany)
pic from commercial media (yahoo news germany)

The state of exception will last at least 15 days. All marches are forbidden, as well as any form of protest. State TV news were stopped. The four private TV stations send only entertainment shows. The critical TV station IMEDI is shut down, police entered it on wednesday. Schools and universities are closed.

Michail Saakaschwili, the president of state, is anti-russian and pro western. He says the protests in Georgia are Russias fault. He says the state of exception was necessary to avoid chaos.

The russian ministery of the exterior called the state of exception in its neighbour country Georgia "a provocation".


VIDEOS on youtube 08.Nov.2007 07:17

Chaos in Georgia:

US taxpayer supports Georgias police and military:

George W Bush visiting his political friend president Michaijl Saakaschwili

special forces storm opposition TV IMEDI



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