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Cardiff: Stop The War On Terror Meeting

Adam Johannes | 04.11.2007 16:54


Wednesday 7 November at 7 pm, Wallace Lecture Theatre, Main Building, Cardiff University, Park Place (opp. Student Union)

CRAIG MURRAY arrived in Uzbekistan in 2002 as a young ambassador with brilliant prospects, but he discovered that women were being raped and murdered by agents of the state and political prisoners tortured. When he revealed the UK government used confessions made under torture, the Foreign Officer sacked him: The Uzbek regime was a key ally in the "war against terror".

His bestselling memoirs - Murder in Samarkand are currently being made into a Hollywood movie starring STEVE COOGAN (Alan Partridge, Saxondale) as CRAIG MURRAY opposite ANGELINA JOLIE.

Craig will be joined by ANDREW MURRAY (no relation!), National Chair of the UK Stop the War Coalition to talk about the truth behind the 'war on terror' and British and American foreign policy in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, the Middle East & Central Asia.

Adam Johannes
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Murray was not only fired but also forcably detained in a UK mental hospital...

04.11.2007 18:27

...when he arrived back in the UK after his malicious recall. Soon after there was an article in the Guardian where Murray talked about his 'illness'. So please, please, just be fucking careful of the western ritual child abuse mind/reality control pathogen will you now - it creates entirely false realities as its poison spreads through space and time.

Jah Bless.

King Amdo


08.11.2007 03:36

in order to understand marx, you need to understand Aristotle.

Julian Zidoli