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Northern Assurance super-glued shut as protest against Brook House

No Borders | 02.11.2007 10:13 | No Border Camp 2007 | Anti-racism | World

The locks of the Northern Assurance Building were super-glued shut in the early hours of Friday, 2 November. This was an act of sabotage against FD Tamesis, housed in this building, intended to highlight the company's involvement in the construction of what will be the UK's largest immigrant deportation centre, Brook House near Gatwick Airport. 2 November is a national day of action against Brook House, called by the No Borders network: across the country, companies with a hand in this new deportation centre will be targeted, pressuring them to end their involvement.

Financial Dynamics, of which FD Tamesis is the Manchester branch, is a 'business and financial communications' consultancy firm which is managing public relations for Brook House on behalf of the Home Office.

Brook House will have 426 beds, making it the largest deportation centre in the country. The problems and poor conditions facing detainees in deportation centres have been well-documented, for example by the BBC documentary “Real Story” (2005), which presented evidence of staff violence and racism. Some detainees will be deported to countries where they face the threat of political and other forms of violence. Many are being deported after living in the UK for very long periods of time; they are being uprooted from the lives that they have built here.

No Borders does not call for a reform of deportation centres or for 'fairer' immigration controls but for their complete abolition. It is an international network demanding freedom of movement for all and working for this through direct action. From 21-24 September, the first ever UK No Borders camp took place outside Crawley; it included protests against Tinsley House, the deportation centre currently operating in conjunction with Gatwick Airport.

The group responsible hope that today's action will encourage FD to reconsider its involvement with the Brook House project. They further hope that their prank will inspire FD Tamesis staff to take action within the company. Recognising that the destruction of one lock will not be sufficient, however, the group wish to make it known that similar actions should be expected in future.

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