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G8 - Parliamentary investigation aborted

Sal Fiore | 30.10.2007 22:12 | Globalisation | Repression

The investigation around the facts of the G8 has been today aborted by some MPs who have deserted the coalition of the Italian government.

Dear All,

today the MPs part of the government coalition in Italy have deserted the coalition and voted with the opposition (Berlusconi, Casini, Fini) to stop the parliamentary investigation over the events occurring in Italy during the G8. No need to say that what happened during that days was comparable to 'chilean nights' methods of terror and fascist repression.

Aside from the likely outcomes of such a parliamentary investigation, it is of particular significance that such choice, of stopping the investigation, is a political one more than one of establishing the facts and identify likely responsibilites.

Please let others know about it for likely protests, media releases and coordination of actions to guarantee transparency and justuce for those involved.


Sal Fiore
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