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Protesting at Parliament

HomeOffice | 29.10.2007 09:15

The Home Office is seeking the views of the Left about the protesters on Parliament Square.

What do you think about protesters outside Parliament?

A new consultation launched today takes a closer look at laws regarding protests in Parliament Square.

The right to peaceful protest is a vital element of a wannabe-free society, and protesting is a respected tradition in this country. Many of the we now enjoy were gained because people were prepared to protest.

However, the right of the people to gather in demonstrations must be balanced with other rights - such as the right to safety and security.

The police have a difficult job balancing the rights of demonstrators with the rights of those going about their daily lives. Sections 132-138 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 were written to create a legal framework for that balance. However, many are concerned about the limitations it placed on protests near the houses of Parliament.

The government is now reviewing those laws, looking to see if there might be a better way to strike that necessary balance.

Please make your views heard. It's easy. It's welcome. It's absolutely necessary.

The Home Office

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