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Anti War Protesters on Trial For Conspiracy

smashy | 23.10.2007 19:19 | Anti-militarism | Palestine | Repression | South Coast

Smash EDO Press Release
18/10/2007 (bit late posting - sorry)

Anti War Protesters on Trial For Conspiracy

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Five campaigners against Brighton arms manufacturer EDO MBM were arrested after some of them locked themselves to the doors of the factory on October 3rd (see previous press release - in protest against the sale of weapons for conflicts in Iraq and Palestine.

The five were arrested for minor charges on October 3rd at a protest at EDO MBM. However, their charges have now been raised to 'Conspiracy to Commit Criminal Damage' which carries a maximum ten year sentence and must be tried in a Crown Court before a jury. They will appear in Brighton Magistrates' Court this Thursday at 9.30am where the case will be transferred to Lewes Crown Court.

Sarah Johnson, press spokesperson for the Smash EDO campign said of the charges 'The height of the allegations against the five are that they took part in a blockade of EDO MBM, delaying the opening of the factory, and that around the time of the blockade the front doors to the factory were superglued shut. The police could easily have attempted prosecution for 'aggravated trespass' or other Public Order act charges. Instead they have taken a political decision to prosecute for a much more serious charge that they have very little prospect of success in.'

This is part of a wider police crackdown on protests outside EDO MBM. Since August fifteen people have been arrested (most for breaches of council byelaws), a man has been hospitalised by a security guards' dog, the police have attempted to evict a protest camp under archaic council byelaws, have seized four protesters cameras unlawfully. Last week five people were arrested for singing during a demonstration outside the facry.

Tel Andrew Beckett or Sarah Johnson on 07875708873
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