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Crossrail - Brown and Livingstone scheme to help rich rip off the poor

end Crossrail | 23.10.2007 14:23

Crossrail is a great example of public scheme using taxpayers money for the purposes of funding enterpise that benefits the private sector. Crossrail will be siphoning off £16-25 billion of taxpayers money. The City and big business have opted to pay the smallest share despite benefitting from having a brand new line dedicated to fat City boys and property price rises in Canary Wharf and the City as a direct result of Crossrail. Why are UK taxpayers and London communities paying? Because Ken Livingstone and Gordon Brown are afraid of the fat City men Digby Jones and Michael Snyder.

City boys are the ones who drink champagne and vomit in public areas of central London and are generally obnoxious badly behaved twats because that is what they are usually paid to be in their jobs which cream money off the world's poor to fund the City.End Crossrail

end Crossrail