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Going around Parliament Square.

Masser | 21.10.2007 11:14 | SOCPA | Repression | London

Anyone who spends any time in Parliament Square will have noticed trailers towed by motorised vehicles going round and round the square for lengthy periods. Those trailers carry large adverts of a political or commercial nature and the police seem to ignore them.

Contrast the above with peaceful protesters who are arrested for carrying a small placard and with Critical Mass, who may or may not be sporting placards and who are stopped from circulating by their obtrusive police escort.

As usual it is one law for them and another law for us.



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Leafletting and free newspaper discrepancy

21.10.2007 22:11

Free newspapers, including The London Paper published by Rupert Murdoch, are freely distributed on the pavement by the Houses of Parliament gates and can spout whatever political, anti-environmentalist, anti-smaller parties diatribe they like.

However Britons giving out leaflets in the SOCPA area thought in any way connected to a protest will be stopped, unless within the bounds of a specifically permitted protest.

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This is...

22.10.2007 10:40 example of 'corporatism' in practice, no less.

Mussolini preferred this term to facism due to it being a more accurate descriptor the doctrine.

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