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Triple whammy for RBS in Norwich

Norwich Rising Tide | 15.10.2007 15:13 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Globalisation | Cambridge

Demo and d-locks today at RBS branches in Norwich.

RBS closed
RBS closed

Last night, the doors of the RBS-Natwest Group Technology office on Exchange Street and the main RBS branch on Queen Street were locked shut. When staff showed up for work this morning at the Queen Street branch they found themselves locked out, and gathered opposite the branch to see what would happen. Soon after, 6 activists from Norwich Rising Tide turned up with leaflets and banners reading ‘RBS: Financing Climate Change’ and ‘Closed for a Total Re-think’. The d-lock proved to be a good one, and the bank was delayed from opening for business for over an hour. Rising Tiders handed out leaflets and chatted to the waiting staff and customers, with the usual mixed response. Passers-by were generally supportive, and the police showed up only at the very end, once the bank had re-opened and we were running low on leaflets. After our 500-strong leaflet stash had been exhausted, we decided to call it a morning.

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