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one arrest at Royal Bank of Scotland banner drop this morning

rikki | 15.10.2007 10:36 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | London

around a dozen activists from 'rising tide' highlighted royal bank of scotland's shoddy record of investment in climate change. one clambered on the glass canopy of their city hq to unfurl a banner while others handed out more than 900 leaflets


interested observers
interested observers

dead bear
dead bear

black alert
black alert

coming down
coming down


shortly before 9am this morning police sealed off the pavement under the glass canopy in front of 280 bishopsgate, the london hq of the royal bank of scotland. an activist had clambered up with a banner proclaiming 'the oil bank of scotland', while a dozen others leafletted passers-by and bank workers outside the front doors.

the activists also had various banners, and one was fetchingly dressed as a polar bear.

the action lasted about an hour and a half, while police photographer steve discombe used up the battery of his long lens camera taking shots of everyone involved. luckily, police back-up arrived with another battery just as the banner man came down.

police tried to seize the banner from activists "as evidence" and after a short but comic game of 'piggy in the middle', they succeeded. in past cases around parliament square, it has been shown in court that if police have clear photos of the banner, under PACE they have no further right to seize the actual banner, so in effect they stole it this morning (as they often do!).

the banner man was arrested for 'causing a public nuisance' and it is believed he was taken to bethnal green police station.

activists were highlighting the fact that RBS-NatWest have in the last five years funded 655 million tonnes of emissions) which is more than the UK's entire annual emissions. the bank has launched 'aviation capital' to help put more planes in the sky, and it has pumped over $10billion into the oil and gas industry, funding rigs, tankers and pipelines.

there is a further protest planned outside the bank at 5pm today

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excellent work london and manchester!

15.10.2007 11:19


well done

Another Crap Arrest

15.10.2007 20:49

Causing a Public Nuisance! What sort of catch all crap arrest is that. Like when the guy from Fathers for Justice spent a couple of days up a crane and cops closed a road and tried to stitch him up for it - and failed!

Haven't cops got anything better to do, surely a public nuisance is anything somebody does not like?


since we are members of the public...

15.10.2007 22:50

...and we find the cops a nuisance... I feel a few citizens' arrests are in order. Now where did I leave my handcuffs and truncheon?

police 'intelligence'